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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2003|01:59 pm]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |Gatsbys American Dream - Where Shadows Lie]

We still haven't put up our Christmas tree yet. o_O I can only assume that it'll happen today, or not at all. It usually stays up till almost February anyway, heh.

The holidays have been awesome so far, I've spent most of my time either at home or at Mav's house, generally enjoying my lack of responsibilities. Mav's off at Narrabri for Christmas, so now I don't have anything much better to do than sit around my house reading various forums, cleaning, and playing lots of games.
Speaking of cleaning, I've lost the sheet of paper we got in Critical Thinking last semester which listed all the philosophy courses they're offering in 2004. I'm trying to pick my classes for next year at the moment, and am having serious issues because out of the 32 courses listed under philosophy in CourseInfo, 17 of them aren't running next year, 4 are only peripherally related to philosophy and are meant for people taking other degrees, and of the ones that are left, there are only 4 I haven't taken.

My point was, speaking of cleaning, I should probably clean my room up again to try & find that paper because I'd marked off the courses I wanted to do on it. I found it anyway, I thought there were more classes I wanted to take in 1st semester, but it turns out I only marked one on the sheet. So I think I'll end up with Greek and Roman Political Theory [AHIS3100], Japanese Society and the World [JAPN2410], and Power and Subjectivity [PHIL3850, & it's 20 credit points].

I talked Pat/Owashawa from CW into coming to the Lucky this week... really, we'd barely spoken at all before we met, but we got on pretty well. I hope he comes back next week too, to meet Tegan... I already warned him that we talk lots, & insanely quickly, so he shouldn't be too bewildered by us or anything.

Stolen from various people:
Choose a band and answer only in song titles by that band. Change the questions if they don't quite apply [ie. boyfriend/girlfriend, current/crush]

Band: Radiohead

Are you female or male: Phillipa Chicken [really, that's the best I can do, they don't have any other song titles which have anything to do with girls unless you count their cover of "cinnamon girl"]
How do some people feel about you: Man-o-War
How do you feel about yourself: Big Boots
Describe your ex boyfriend: Follow Me Around
Describe your current boyfriend: Scatterbrain ;) or Optimistic. They don't have a lot of titles which would allow me to say nice things about him, heh :P How about My Iron Lung? Yeah.
Describe where you want to be: Nice Dream
Describe what you want to be: Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was
Describe how you live: Molasses
Describe how you love: Like Spinning Plates
Share a few words of wisdom: Anyone Can Play Guitar
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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 2003|08:35 pm]
[Current Mood |crappycrappy]
[Current Music |Ragnarok Online Original Soundtrack (Disc2) - Welcome Mr. Hwang]

The majority of requests I get from people to let them add me to their ICQ contact list, I pretty much ignore. Generally, I can't be bothered getting to know people, because I have enough friends as it is. But, well, when I get a message like this:

saint (1:31 PM) :
did u see a strong girl force a weak girl to smell her feet

I can't resist following it up (because honestly, the idea sounded entertaining as anything :P). Apparently, she's a 16 year old from Egypt, and is bullied like all hell at boarding school. I even ended up adding her to my contact list. There's always the possibility that she's not who she says she is, and is just someone fucking with me.... but if they've invented a story this detailed and deep, they're twisted enough to be on my contact list in their own right. :P
It's interesting, because Egypt used to be my absolute favourite country when I was a kid. Mostly, I was a big fan of Egyptian mythology and the history of the pharaohs and stuff. But I guess I never studied much about modern Egypt, except for the bare basics for a school project in year 5. And if what this girl has told me today is true, there sure are some fucked up things that go on there. The foot-smelling is the least of her worries (and the girl that forces it upon her apparently ties her up and shoves her foot in her face until she passes out from the smell) really, but I won't get into the rest of it. I researched Egyptian law, and the girl that's doing this shit really should be in jail for a good 10 years or so. However, the theory of the law and the way it works in practice are quite different; the Egyptian justice system is pretty corrupt... the chance of this girl ever being punished are zero, because her father's a high ranking police officer. I wouldn't even be surprised if that's where she learnt this shocking behaviour from, it's not at all uncommon for prisoners in Egypt to be tortured at the hands of officers.

Her parents are dead, her teachers won't do anything, this abuse has been going on for a year and a half already, and she has 3 years of school left. I feel really underqualified to be giving her any advice on the situation, but she doesn't exactly have any friends at school.

Fucked. Up. Not much you can do though, just one of those things that reminds me I lead a fairly privileged life.

In other news, I'm on a Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin kick lately, and I've been playing Captain Comic again. I think I need to swap this keyboard (Microsoft multimedia keyboard) for another one when I'm trying to play the game, because you can't redefine the keys, and the Insert key (which is the fire button) is right up at the top of this keyboard, in line with the function keys, making it hard to actually keep my fingers on all the buttons necessary. I'm gonna blame my shitty performance in the game on that, instead of the fact that I'm nowhere near as good at platformers now as I used to be when I originally played the game.
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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2003|05:48 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[Current Music |bayroot - kill to breathe]

Ow, mine spine.
Sitting here all night has done my back absolutely no good, but at least my work's finished. Well, this essay is anyway. Still plenty more where that came from, but while I considered working on other stuff as soon as I got home from uni, I realised I should probably get some sleep instead. I've gotta keep myself entertained till dinner at least, so I think I'll just clean my room more instead (I'm not even sure if it's possible to get to my bed at the moment, so I think I may have to clean before I can sleep).

It's my birthday in a week, and I've barely thought about it at all. So far it involves Radiohead and video games in the present department, which is always good. I don't know whether my David Bowie ticket is included too, or whether that's like a christmas present, heh. I don't even care if I have to pay for it. It's David Bowie for fuck's sake, he hasn't toured here since 1987 (sure, I was a fan back then... but only of Labyrinth), I'd happily pay any price to see him. ^_^ I spent a good hour trying to compose a coherent SMS to my dad at Griff's party last weekend, asking him to get us the insanely expensive shiny tickets, and he didn't do shit until I came home like 4 days later. When, of course, the Diamond tickets were all sold out. I bet he just didn't want to pay that much for tickets. I would have, though... not that I have $175 spare at the moment, but shh.

I'm gonna have to go and do... something, to keep my eyes open. That's right, I was going to clean my room. sofuckingtired.
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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2003|03:31 am]
[Current Mood |okayokay]
[Current Music |Milla Jovovich - The Alien Song]

The things I'll do to avoid uni work... I decided tonight to make another small dint in the mammoth task that is cleaning up my room. I've actually managed to sort out my desk completely, but that's as far as I got last time too, and it just resulted in more piles of stuff on the floor. The rubbish is sloooowly being weeded out, but I've found a whole bunch of interesting stuff, too:

- a copy of Dolly magazine's 1997 "secret survey", filled out by my barely pubescent self. Turns out I was quite the devious child. Is anyone surprised? :P
- innumerable bits of string & rope, which have accumulated over the years probably just because they looked interesting. If there's one thing that hasn't changed since then, it's that I still like to make jewellery and little sculptures out of bits of utter rubbish.
- more chocolate frog cards than I would have ever expected. I don't even like chocolate.
- Batook, everyone's favourite chewing gum from Saudi Arabia. We used to buy this stuff in mass quantities for ridiculously low prices at Clint's Crazy Bargains in town. I know I've still got at least a few more packets kicking around here somewhere, probably buried in a box under my desk... but they'd have to be at least 3 years old now. I have such a craving for the pancake batter lemon flavour now, but Clint's stopped selling it years ago. Do you think if I leave them feedback on their website, they'll send me a free sample?

And of course, the best part about cleaning up - finding long lost undies. What they were doing on my desk in the first place, I don't know. Says something about the state of my room, if you haven't seen it for yourself.

I'll leave you with this rather random phrase I found sitting in this window when I got home. I remember writing it last week, I just don't remember why. For some reason, I was thinking about my giant pikachu pillow playing FPS games. And to my drug-addled mind, it was quite obvious he would prefer this particular key config over any other.
'chu is down with the mouse and WASD.

edit: Oh yeah, sorry Robin... 64.10256% - Extreme Geek. beatj00, and I wasn't even exaggerating x_x
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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2003|07:36 pm]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |pearl jam - crazy mary]

I've been keeping myself pretty busy not doing uni work. My PHIL3120 essay won't be too bad when I get around to doing it though, at least I get to watch Gattaca again. I think I'm gonna make it through this semester alive and without failing anything, heh.

Mav and I went to see Bye Bye Birdie last week at the Civic with my parents. It sure beat the crap out of any other school musical I've ever seen, but then again, since it was the Hunter School of Performing Arts, the budget was pretty insane. I think it was $5000 for the lighting, $1000 just for the flats at the back of the stage (heh, I've learnt a bunch of technical theatrical terms and how things work behind the scenes, because my brother was involved in set design and construction, and he did some backstage work during the show too), and I don't even wanna think about how much the costumes or hiring out the Civic theatre for a week would cost. It was money well spent though, the whole thing was really well done. For anyone who watches/is involved with Starstruck or general performing arts stuff in Newcastle, Caitlin Pugh was one of the girls they had playing Kim. Unfortunately she was in the other cast to the one we saw, the chick we had as Kim was inferior but still fine. And tickets were only $12 for students, too bad it finished on Saturday and you guys all missed out. I generally like to go to the Civic for my birthday too, but this year they're only playing Grease which I'm not overly keen to see. Hi-5 are coming to Newcastle in early November too, but I don't want to have to sit through their music, I just want... well, Charli. :P

I'm spending enough money on tickets to shit lately anyway. When clearing out the inbox on my phone I found a message from Gex I'd forgotten all about telling me that Nick Cave was touring in December. Ticketek doesn't say they're all sold out, so hopefully I can still go to that. Aaaaand, of course, Radiohead's touring in April. I might take the opportunity to give bizza that mix cd I've owed him for at least a year now (I hadn't forgotten! I was thinking about giving it to 33andathird to pass on to bobbit to give to you, but I dunno how often they see each other, and I don't see Smem too regularly either). I'm so looking forward to Radiohead, even though I know their setlist is going to be nothing like the ideal one I've composed in my head.

Chinese food is here, and I need to stuff my face now. ^_^

yeah, everyone's gotta be sick of this by now :PCollapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2003|11:10 am]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |Ella Fitzgerald & The Ink Spots - It's Only a Paper Moon]

Right after I read thirteenon7's post about the ABC show "Shape, Shape, Shape" (yeah, I sure am 200 entries behind on my friends list), I realised it was on tv right at that moment. And there was a segment on tessellation, so that was a nice start to the day (don't ask, I don't even think I can begin to explain why I like tessellation). Technically though, the day started yesterday afternoon. I stayed up all night Monday half-arsedly working on my discussion board critique for Cyberculture, putting more and more of my arse into it as the night wore on and I realised I really just wanted to be in bed. I didn't seriously start work on it till about 5am, and Blackboard decided to be down for a while around then too, which was super helpful. I handed it in at 8ish (sweet, sweet digital drop box) and crashed out till a bit before 5pm, so sleep was not on the cards for me last night. It's hard enough to get to sleep when I'm actually tired, but 6am rolled around this morning and I was still wide awake, so I went looking for anything to knock me out. Would you believe every single medication in this house is non-drowsy? Fuckers.

So I stayed up instead, because as much as I want to sleep all day I've got too much stuff to do. I started cleaning my room last week sometime, and there's still tons of stuff piled on the floor that needs to be sorted out. At least all the clothes which were on the floor are in the wash, that makes a huge difference. Without clothes covering the floor, I'm less likely to step on concealed cutlery. I need a definitive list of Stuff That Doesn't Go In The Washing Machine, and also Stuff That Doesn't Go In The Dryer. You'd think that's what the washing instructions tag inside each piece of clothing is for, but most of my clothes are so old the writing's worn off or the tag's gone all together. And mum ignores the instructions half the time anyway, I can just never remember which ones it's safe to do that for. On the domestic side of things, I've got cooking covered nicely, but cleaning's never quite been my strong point.

If I get sick of cleaning, there's always more uni work to be done. I have about 8500 words to write over the next fortnight (6000 in the next week, huzzah!), including learning the entire course for Critical Thinking, which I've still only been to one class for (that was when we had the test in week 6... and I passed, woo!). Never again will I make the mistake of taking two classes that are on at the same time... well, not unless I'm presented with a dire selection of courses like I was this semester. And hopefully next year I'll be less, y'know, consistently ill. I'm off for another blood test today, that's always fun.

I can't stress enough how much I love this song. You can never fault Ella, and I quite like The Ink Spots too. Apparently they're still around today, though it must be like 70 years since the group started. They've, uhh, been through a few changes in the line-up :P
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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2003|02:37 pm]
[Current Mood |mellowmellow]
[Current Music |The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi vs. The Pink Robots]

Fluffy and I just watched a terrible Alyssa Milano movie. It had the worst, cheesiest, soap-opera shitty script about battling through the snow in Alaska. We tried to look it up on imdb, and for about 15 minutes we thought it was Goldrush - A Real Life Alaskan Adventure. Eventually we figured out Alyssa Milano had been in another movie about Alaska, and discovered we were watching To Brave Alaska. :P It ended so predictably, and worst of all, happily. I was hoping one of them would die, or at least they'd lose a few limbs. Lamentably, no.

I've spent the last few days hanging around at home and the asylum, and on Sunday we had a barbecue at Blackbutt reserve. We stuffed ourselves with food and still had some left over. The weather has been decidedly less psycho, though I'm glad I wasn't at Spring War with the rain. I'm going to kick back and watch bad holiday daytime tv for a while longer, then go back home and iron for hours. Good fun.
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2003|03:52 pm]
[Current Mood |gloomygloomy]
[Current Music |Tricky - Pumpkin (feat. Allison Goldfrapp)]

I'm moping around Mav's at the moment, supposed to be working on an essay (aren't I always?) but I have too much on my mind. And even though I distinctly remember picking up the notes I need for the essay and putting them in my bag, they're not there. They're still available online, but it's a pain in the arse not to have them right in front of me. This essay will only take a good hour or so of solid work once I do a little more reading, I just can't bring myself to concentrate at all right now.

I realised last night that I haven't paid for Spring War yet, and there's not a snowball's chance in hell I can. I wouldn't be going now even if I could afford it, on doctor's orders I have to cut out all stimulants for a month and see if my heart quits beating weirdly. So Spring War without fighting or drinking, wtf is the point? I may give the Lucky a miss for a while too, or at least start coming in a lot later so I don't have as much time to kill while I'm sober and jonesing for a cone or a cigarette. The hedonist within is tearing her hair out in frustration.

The holidays would be so empty without the stimulants I love, but luckily uni has helpfully filled the void with a whole lot of research I should be doing. That'll be great fun. At least the library's air-conditioned, trying to write essays in my room in this weather generally causes my brain to melt and run out my ear.

On the upside, there's a new Redwall book coming out, woo! I really have to read them all one day, and doing it in order wouldn't hurt either. As it is I've probably read about half of them, in whatever order I nicked them from the school library. :P
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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2003|05:24 am]
[Current Mood |goodgood]
[Current Music |Infected Mushroom - Into The Matrix]

It's my intent to make this post long enough that the people who don't matter won't bother to read it. Nothing interesting in here though, I swear.

So yeah, I really haven't updated in ages. There's no good reason for it. I hope that's a sufficient explanation, because it's all you're getting. I haven't been drowning in too much uni work, remarkably. Things are going quite well, if you ignore the fact I haven't been to Critical Thinking since we had the test. Shhh. I've had great reasons for not being in class.* ::shifty eyes::

I just got some absolutely classic spam.
From: "Microsoft" [security@microsoft.com]
To: la_mutt@yahoo.com
Subject: Use this patch immediately !

Dear friend , use this Internet Explorer patch now!
There are dangerous virus in the Internet now!
More than 500.000 already infected!

Boy, I'm lucky Microsoft considers me a friend. They went to all the trouble of sending me the patch personally! Isn't that sweet of them? ^_^ Speaking of email, I've had a lot of trouble with that retarded virus that comes with a 100k attachment for most of this month. I was getting tons of them, had to clean out my inbox 2 or 3 times a day because it was filling up in a matter of hours. It seems to have finally subsided now though, so if you sent me something and it bounced, try again.

Aaaand speaking of bouncing, I wish I could have gone to the doof this Saturday. But my wallet and my body were both telling me it wasn't the best idea, I stepped on a bit of glass in Mav's kitchen a day or two beforehand (Grim got to see me bleed really impressively, all over the place) and don't think my feet would have held up to a night of stomping in the bush. I was checking out Australiens today and saw the pics from the doof we went to about 6 months ago. I think this one has to be someone (or more than one? terribly blurry pic) we know, because I'm sure that the mushroom we were sitting near is in the background. Can't see us in any of the others, though. We should maybe take our own cameras next time... I know, we could lose it, break it, or whatever, but even a disposable camera would do.

Heh, I was just thinking that since I'm kinda tired now, I'd get to bed and have an early night. Then I noticed it's already 4:30. Well, it'd be an earlier night than last night, I went to bed at almost 1pm today. I should have just foregone sleep altogether and gone to my little brother's school fete, now that I think about it. My reasoning was that I really don't need to spend any more money, or buy other people's junk. Got enough of my own, heh. Since they only have them every 2 years (and I don't even know if I went to the last one), I'd forgotten how cheap everything is, though. Basically, you donate stuff you don't want (or make cakes, or little crafty things) and come home with cooler stuff, and the school makes money in the process. But they had a lot of stuff there, and by the end of the day they were literally giving it away. I didn't know there was a clothing stall there either, damn it... it probably would have been even cheaper than the Salvo's, which is where most of my wardrobe comes from. Even though I wasn't there, my parents got me a copy of this book I've loved since I was a kid, called 'Muppet Manners (Or the Night Gonzo Gave a Party)'. We already had a copy, but I've searched every bookcase in the house and couldn't find it. I tell this to my sister when mum gives me the book, and she goes "Oh, it's in my room". Grrr, she moved all her stuff into that room before I moved out of it, and just never gave back half of my things. I was sure I'd searched her bookcase, but apparently not hard enough. I took the copy that was originally mine and put it down on my computer chair when I went to Video Ezy to hire Rear Window (they have this deal where you get 7 weeklies for $5, so I got a lot more than just Rear Window, but can't be arsed writing about them now). And I only thought of it just now, but I already have absolutely no idea where the book's gone. Holy shit, my room strikes again. It seriously eats things, you can drop something on the floor at your feet and search for 10 minutes without finding it. I really have to make an attempt at cleaning it tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I've lost my mobile in here somewhere too.

DDR QuizCollapse )
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 2003|05:51 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life]

Today can only be described as blustery, Winnie the Pooh style. Okay, no floods yet... actually, it'd be a really nice day if the wind wasn't triyng to completely rearrange my backyard.

I really wish I'd gone out with people last night when Nay was here, but I sat at home and made the crappiest gambeson ever, instead. Way more fun, heh. :P And I've been playing a fair bit of Majora's Mask (the 2nd Zelda game for N64) lately... I was excited when it came out, but also very broke, so I hadn't got it till now. I'm enjoying it, though they did get fucking cheap on the character design by just reusing all the models from Ocarina of Time and pretending they're entirely different people. The whole repetitive, going back to do things over and over again thing doesn't bug me, the worst thing about the game is probably that OC Remix has corrupted me and running around in Termina Field I keep singing in my head "Zelda, the music of my groin..." ::shakes head:: But yeah, between sewing and gaming I somehow forgot to go to bed last night. I'm more tired than I'd usually be now, because I'm also good and doped up on cold medicine. -_- I would have just gone to bed sometime this afternoon, but I have a test in one of my classes tomorrow and I should probably whip my sleeping patterns into some facsimile of normalcy, at least for this one day.

I'm a perpetual bus fuck-up, gotta go make sure I'm ready to go so I don't miss it as per usual.
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