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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2008|01:39 am]
If you've stumbled across this journal through a community or whatever, you should probably know that I don't update anymore. Maybe I will some day, but I realised at some point that my life's just not that interesting & there's no need to share the mundanity with everyone else. Take a look through my old entries and you'll see what I mean. :P Feel free to comment if you want to introduce yourself and add me anyway, for some reason.

edit: Well, I lie. I update occasionally, under a friends filter that allows for free bitching about anyone I know in real life (it's still not interesting, though). ;P

If I've met you online, friend away, I'm almost guaranteed to friend you back unless I don't notice or you bore the shit out of me (but I'm easily entertained, so it's more likely I'm just not paying attention - comment if you're really concerned about me reciprocating).

If I've met you in real life, you're also certainly free (and encouraged) to add me, as long as you don't mind that I'll be reading your entries and you won't be reading mine. Trust me, it works better this way. It means we have something to talk about when we hang out, instead of just rehashing recent LJ entries. :)
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2005|09:11 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |The Dubliners - The Irish Rover (Shanty Raid-io: Shanty Raid-io (SJ Heksubah))]

Just wanted to repost something I just sent to newcastle_uni, because the group's pretty dead and I know there are a lot more students on my friends list who aren't members, so! For anyone who's free tomorrow afternoon and interested in the sexuality of ancient Greece and Rome:

open forum w/ speakers from Newcastle & Sydney unisCollapse )

And for everyone posting that "what kind of pirate am i?" thing, if you have to have your friends tell you what kind of pirate you are, chances are good you're no pirate at all. I'll continue to think my friends are a bunch of lazy landlubbers until you prove me wrong by joining me for a pillage, Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates style. It's free to play on the Viridian ocean, so join me for swashbuckling good fun. :P
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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 2004|04:33 pm]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army]

Visiting the Tender Centre down near Cardiff Workers' Club is a bittersweet experience for me. It's a whole warehouse full of other people's crap, which I notoriously love hoarding for myself (as anyone who's seen my room and my house in general can attest to). I've found some really great stuff there, only to miss out on getting it because of the way the Tender Centre works - for anyone who doesn't know, you pretty much just have to guess at the value of stuff, you have to think about what it's worth to you and what it might be worth to other people. Everyone just writes their bids down on a clipboard, keeps one copy of the bid sheet for themselves and hands the other one in. I hate it, it's like PM bidding on Gaia. :P

And now, I have to sit at home and wait till they email us the result of our bids. Found some awesome stuff there today, like moon boots (which were there last time too, so I assume that either no-one wanted them or the seller set a stupidly high reserve price) & this Russian hat that I will fucking die if I don't get (melodramatic, me? never!). If I get everything I bid on, I'll be $72 poorer... which I can't really afford, but I know that I won't win everything. Especially since I just checked the site and the hat's actually from WW2. Oh well, if I don't win, there's one like it here anyway. ^_^

It's funny, because I ran into Gecko in the Information Common the other day, and we talked about how I needed a Russian hat to go with my coat. Then we wasted a lot of time designing the cover for an album we made up called "My Communist Cowboy Past"... yeah, neither of us got much work done on our essays. It happens. We're very productive whenever we get together, just not on our uni work.

I'm pretty sure Gecko was at least partially responsible for my plan to build a burlesque house in year 9 or 10. We were going to build it on the spare block of land my parents own, but I suppose I'll have to finally put that dream to rest because we've put the land up for sale. It's a shame, because I wanted to at least go camping there at some point, but my parents are sick of paying so much tax, etc. when we're not using it for anything. So if you've got a spare $75000 sitting around & you feel the need to purchase a field somewhere out near Taree, give me a shout.
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I have absolutely no idea what this is. [Jun. 12th, 2004|10:10 pm]
I clicked before realising that it posts itself automatically. Sure is a long sausage, whatever the fuck that means. o_O
hmmmCollapse )
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2004|04:50 am]
[Current Mood |coldcold]
[Current Music |ABBA - Waterloo (stuck in my head... damn you, Eurovision!)]

In order to take my mind off the complete and utter horror that is my uni workCollapse ), I thought I'd drop in and update.


Well, I had plenty to say before I started writing, and now my mind's absolutely blank. If anything, at least this post can serve as a reminder to people that I'm not dead (even if my enthusiasm for posting is - I still read my friends page every few days, though), and a general apology for never commenting on anyone's journals any more. I know some people get unbelieveably touchy about that, but I don't think anyone on my friends list is particularly comment whorey, so yay.

Apparently it's a lot later than I thought it was, and I've still got a lot of reading to do for the essay due on Tuesday before I can even start writing any of it. I'm seriously asking for trouble leaving a 4000 word essay till the last minute, especially when I won't be working for most of tomorrow... I'd just skip Star Wars, but I've done that way too many times already and the ewok's looking kind of puny, having only just hit 10000XP last week. I have some twisted priorities, don't I? o_O I guess I'm still reasonably confident that I can have the essay done on time, because once I actually kick my brain into essay mode, I can sit and write for hours.

Oooh, one thing I will talk about before I go: Eurovision! Most people on the SBS forums seem to hate Des Mangan, but most of the time he cracks me up. I really miss him doing the cult movie, sometimes his comments were better than the movie itself. :P The new format for the show made very little sense to me, but I think my bafflement was made worse considering my utter despair at the Estonian entry not making the final. The drummer eschewed drumsticks in favour of beating the crap out of the drumkit with his hands, feet, and head, as an accompaniment to a comparitively normal folk song. It was possibly the best act I've ever seen in the Eurovision Song Contest... though I suppose I didn't really manage to catch anything but the judging for the last 2 years. Trying to pick the winner is a lot harder when you actually watch the performances; I haven't got a clue who'll win this year, especially since they changed it to a public vote rather than the scores of judges. I'll go for Greece, I'm pretty sure that was the one where they ripped most of their clothes off on stage. Tops.

I'm gonna cut my rambling short and sit in bed reading for a while. I hope Blayne's not planning on starting Star Wars too early tomorrow, I could really use some sleep. :\
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2004|05:11 am]
[Current Mood |okayokay]
[Current Music |Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald - Dream A Little Dream]

It's been kind of a crap week, with the ATM erroneously eating my card and my wallet magically disappearing shortly after, but I'm going to sort out replacements for all my cards tomorrow. Uni's going well enough and classes are interesting, although my Greek and Roman Political Theory lecturer puts on this crazy voice whenever he's reading a quote from Plato or something. It's probably supposed to be dramatic, but it inevitably reminds me of a bit from Red Dwarf.

Rimmer: "Now..." That's all I can remember.
Lister: Where's that from, then?
Rimmer: Richard III, you moron. The speech that he does at the beginning. "Now..." something something something. It's brilliant writing. It really is. Unforgettable.

The exact way that Rimmer says "Now", if you could imagine expanding that into a whole passage from Thucydides, makes the whole thing so much more entertaining. I'll have to remember to do funny voices in my head when I actually get around to buying the textbooks (ah, last I checked, the bookshop didn't have them all in anyway).

Caught the bus home with Gecko (and Baccus, but he's less special, I see him plenty :P) today, he's thinking of studying in America for a while. He'd bloody well better give back my microphone and copy of the first Discworld game before he goes. He agreed with the conclusion Tegan and I came to after a long reminiscence on Monday night - high school was really, really bizarre. I also saw Nic Brew when I came out to sit with Frans in the courtyard today. I was always under the impression that he hated me for no reason, but he asked me out. That completely spun me out, he offered to take me out to dinner and pay for it when I said I didn't have my wallet. Weeeeird. I probably never said more than 10 words to him in school, but I think I did think he was kind of cute for about a week. I'm quite over it now and don't think he's the kind of person I'd ever date anyway, but it was cool to catch up with him, because he filled me in on what most of the people like Nicole and her ilk are doing: being groupies for Robbie's lame cover band. Terry McCloud's apparently in it too, but for some reason I'd always associated his name with Rubix Cuba, who're actually a good band. ::shrugs:: I dunno.

Ugh, it's late, and I probably have to have a new license photo taken tomorrow, I should go and sleep now so I don't look too terrible. The picture on my student card was taken after I had 2 hours sleep and had been walking around uni for hours, and I guess it didn't come out too bad... I look a little manic perhaps, heh. But license photos have a way of making you look extra horrible anyway, so sleep now.

p.s. Oh, I haven't updated in forever, so yes, I should note that David Bowie was reallyreallyreally good. Should have gone back the second night though, he played Let's Dance. I have been utterly unsuccessful in locating any bootlegs.
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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2004|03:25 am]
[Current Mood |weirdweird]
[Current Music |Miz - Living]

I'm going totally spare here trying to find "Gandhara", the ending theme song for Monkey. I think it popped into my head because the main theme music played in winamp a few minutes ago. After searching, absolutely nowhere on the web seems to have this song in anything better than midi format. I will have your babies* if you can find it for me.

It may be a sign that I spend too much time on Gaia, I keep wanting to use smilies like :3nod: and :ninja:

Infinitely better than the ninja smiley Not So Quiet had before it inexplicably went boom. ^_^

*for breakfast.
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2004|08:41 pm]
[Current Mood |goodgood]
[Current Music |David Bowie - Hallo Spaceboy]

It's hot today. I didn't notice till I left Mav's house, because it's usually relatively cool there. My own house, however, is like a bloody oven. Except for my room, of course, with its air conditioning. ;D So I'm sitting around in my underwear sipping champagne and enjoying not roasting like the rest of my family. The champagne is because it's my parents wedding anniversary today. Mav and I utterly failed to celebrate our own 2 year anniversary on Monday night; I think we both got smashed at the Lucky, but we barely saw each other all night. I kept getting distracted talking to Sarah, who's twice my age and still manages to have a startling amount in common with me. She says she used to go to the Lucky in the 80s, when it was apparently full of punks and flamboyantly gay men. I have no idea how I'll describe the pub's current patrons to the next generation, if I'm still around here in 20 years time. I'd say it's a wretched hive of scum and villany, but I don't expect people in the 2020s to be too familiar with Star Wars.

Anyway, the week's been a quiet one at Mav's house. The package Davey sent me (thankyouthankyouthankyou) with the 'Are You Being Served?' tapes I won on eBay arrived near the end of last week, but I haven't been home long enough to watch more than a few episodes (and I can't take them to Mav's, because he doesn't have a VCR, heh). Alas! I do love a good, innuendo-ridden British comedy.

Also, holy shit! I got Mr T spam today:

That's a new one, heh.
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2004|02:55 am]
[Current Mood |goodgood]
[Current Music |J. Seanna Rowe - Running From The Shadows]

My brother got back from his course at NIDA a few days ago, and my sister's back from her gymnastics camp, so my house is once again full of love noise. My family are massive hoarders, and there's boxes full of stuff downstairs that we haven't looked at in years. We've been going through them lately and we're actually throwing things out, something which is usually unheard of in this house. I'm slowly, slowly doing the same for my room. Slowly. So don't come around, stick your head in the door and then complain that you still mostly can't see the floor. :P It's a hell of a long process.

I'm probably not helping my room to get any cleaner by continuing to go check out the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul all the time. Vinnie's at Cardiff are actually having a sale (or were a few days ago, anyway) where all their clothes are $1, so I picked up a new pair of corduroy pants because my old ones have a hole in the bum. ^_^ We bought a stack of books too, they gave us 7 for $1.50. And I bought 'Oliver!' on vinyl for 50c, because it has Jon Pertwee in it. I quite like the good Doctor, and did you know he also did the voice of Spotty in Superted? o_O
I bought one more pair of jeans from the Salvos, and a giant stuffed mushroom, because it had a friendly face. I'd take a photo, but I unplugged my webcam so I could plug in the cable for my GBA Flash Linker, and I'm too lazy to change it back just for one picture.

I missed the Lucky this week and the big conglomerate birthday celebration, because I was generally in pain and a bad mood. I sat at Mav's house instead and watched all the crap reality TV I normally miss when I'm out. I seem to know a ton of people who have their birthdays in January, so happy birthday to the lot of you. It was my brother John's 9th birthday on the 11th too, so this weekend the house will be full of small boys. I think he's having a sleepover, too. I adore the kid, but his friends are a bunch of obnoxious pests and compulsive liars. So yeah, it's going to be fun. :P I got off easy on the present front this year; while cleaning my room I found my old gameboy, and mum suggested I give it to him. It's not like they're worth any money now anyway, and no-one else would want to buy it when the only games I've got are three Kirby games (hey, I really liked that little pink/white blob). Mav gave him Link's Awakening too, which he was impressed with since he was a big fan of Ocarina of Time. Bwahaha, I have moulded him in my image. ^_^

I should get to bed at a semi-reasonable time tonight, because I'm going to see Spy Kids 3D tomorrow. I didn't see the others in the series because they looked bad enough, and this one is reputedly the worst of the lot. But it's badness in 3D, which means it's worth seeing for the $4 it costs at Lake Cinema.
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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2004|07:19 pm]
[Current Mood |soresore]
[Current Music |Deep Forest - Snow of the Sahara]

I finally got my marks back for the research report I did for Cyberculture last semester. It'd been weeks since I heard from the lecturer, so I chased it up and found out I got a distinction in the class. Two Ds, and two Cs that were one or two marks below a D means I did far, far better than I was expecting to, especially considering the amount of work I put in. My resolutions for this semester are the same shit I've been trying to convince myself to stick to for years, I've been telling myself that I'll actually turn up to lectures this year... but a big part of me wallows contentedly in the fact that I don't have to in order to do well, so why should I bother? Last semester was particularly bad, I estimate I went to about 6 classes in total. o_O Okay, so Cyberculture didn't really have any classes past the first few weeks, but that's still pretty bad. I guess usually I don't turn up because I always struggle to find enough courses that I'm actually interested in, and when I do manage to find something I like, I'm repulsed by the incredibly slow pace they tend to teach at. I've bitched about it before, but I still don't understand why people who've never taken philosophy before (or perhaps they have some other good excuse for not being aware of concepts like empiricism) are picking 3rd year subjects and slowing down the entire class because the lecturer has to explain things over and over again. Heh, I almost think it'd be a good idea to test people at the start of the semester on some of the stuff that's assumed knowledge for the course, and kick them the fuck out of the class if they fail. But I'm mean like that.

This episode of The Simpsons was on today, which was really weird because I found myself singing the "I'm an amendment to be, yes an amendment to be, and I'm hoping that they'll ratify me..." song completely randomly a few hours ago while I was switching around the positions of my monitor and my case. My room gets insanely hot in summer, and I wanted to move it so that my case is closer to the window & hence the breeze, to cool it down a little. Although, on that note, I should have an air-conditioner in here in the next few days, w00t! We have one in my parents' room too, but it really only keeps the front half of the house cool. And now I'll have this one aaaaall to myself. ^_^ Which is a godsend, because I've been melting in here. I could do with a few nice cold bourbon & cokes at the lucky tonight too, but I left my wallet in Mav's car & he might not be coming. I should put a chain on it or something, not because I think anyone's going to steal my fucking bus pass (I don't even have a bus pass, but I couldn't pass up that reference), but because I'm generally one of the most scatterbrained, retarded people you'll ever meet.
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